Gardco Model C Wet Film Thickness Gauge

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The Gardco Model C Wet Film Thickness gauge is a precision instrument used to accurately measures the wet film thickness of inks applied to the ink fountain roller.  Perretta Graphics recommends using a wet film thickness gauge when zero setting ink fountains.

The gage is in the form of a wheel, approximately two inches in diameter, made up of three disk sections. Two of the disks are of the same diameter, spaced apart adequately for gage support and are concentric. The third disk, somewhat smaller, is located on the outside of the supporting disks and is eccentric to them. When the gage is rolled over a wet film the eccentric disk will pick up the material only at and below the actual thickness, which permits its immediate and direct reading.


  • Accuracy certification available 
  • The scale is engraved directly on the measuring disk which is moved to the outside of the gauge and eliminates reading errors of parallax. 
  • The measuring disk is separated from a supporting disk by less than half the distance found in other gauges for similar use, which minimizes errors due to deviation from flatness of the supporting surface. 
  • All gauge markings are engraved rather than stamped to avoid strains in the gauge which could reduce gauge accuracy. 
  • Stainless steel surfaces of the gauge are highly polished to enhance gauge cleaning. 
  • The support surfaces of the concentric disks are designed to insure the best possible penetration to the coating support surfaces. 
  • Development of new "state of the art" jigs and fixtures insure production of each and every gauge to within the closest possible tolerance consistent with the best available tool and die metal working equipment. 
  • The gauge bearings are of special design to provide the lowest possible starting torque and to provide ease of cleaning by removal of one of the finger grips. Ball or roller bearings have been found to be unsatisfactory due to their sensitivity to cleaning solutions. 
  • The most modern type of three dimensional coordinate measuring machine with a resolution and repeatability equal to or better than 0.0001 inches is now used in the production and inspection of the gauges.

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